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Interested in working with a team of like-minded, creative nerds? Our office consists of a cubicle-free, open space that fosters collaboration and creative freedom. Think you have what it takes to be our next nerd? Look below to see where you fit in.

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Content Creator
Status: Open Until Filled

As a Content Creator, you’ll be working alongside the creative team in order to create social and media content. This is a specialist role that will support the team leads for our clients and work directly with them in order to create the content needed for each client. You will be responsible for creating new assets for the team to post, sourcing stock photography, shooting your own photography to post, creating motion graphics, short videos, and exploring new ways to connect with our clients.

Content Creator Duties & Responsibilities

  • Work closely with a copywriter to develop and plan content for different social media channels
  • Constantly be looking to bring new, fresh ideas to the table and new ways of communicating for our clients
  • Collaborate on presentation and explanation of content to the client
  • Contribute to and inspire the team
  • Stay on top of the latest Social Media trends
  • Adapt client marketing messages to individual social platforms

Content Creator Requirements & Skills

  • 2-5 years of experience
  • Fluent in Adobe Suite - Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign, Premiere Pro, After Effects
  • Intermediate video editing
  • Strong photography and videography scene composition and lighting skills
  • Must be able to shoot video horizontally and vertically using a variety of devices
  • Strong creative skills
  • Strong video transition skills
  • Associates or Bachelors Degree, or equivalent experience in related field
  • Must submit the required videos to be considered for the position (please refer to the application submission requirements for details)

Application Requirements - To be considered for the position, follow these steps:

  1. Submit resume to
  2. Within 24-48 hours you will be assigned a shared folder on our Google Drive
  3. You will receive a link to your folder along with a music track via email
  4. Create a vertical video, 30 seconds long, using a trending sound from either TikTok or Instagram Reels
  5. Create a vertical video using at least FOUR (4) creative transitions and use this video to tell us why you'd be perfect for this position.  Video can be anywhere between 30-60 seconds long.
  6. Create a 30-second, horizontal video made up of a b-roll of scenery from around Odessa and Midland. Use the music track mentioned in step #3 to set the mood.
  7. Submit the required media in MP4 format to your assigned Google folder (total of THREE (3) videos)
  8. We will be looking at creativity in your use of transitions, compositions, choice of scenery, and lighting.

The requirements listed in the job descriptions are guidelines. If your skills are transferable and you are in the ballpark with the number of years of experience the company’s looking for, please apply and gain the opportunity to be considered.

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