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Difference between us and 'them'

Do you hear that? It's the gut-wrenching, cringeworthy sound of mediocrity coming from those that are seeking to low-ball the competition while whispering sweet nothings into your ear in the form of marketing jargon. Mediocrity, the basic, yet potent, ingredient of forgettable websites and media everywhere. Its siren’s call beckons to middle managers and seduces even the most well intentioned organizations. It’s so attainable, so in reach.

Mediocre is cheap. If cheap is your only metric for choosing a web design and marketing agency, we aren’t going to be a good fit. We believe you get what you pay for and at Creative Marketing Nerds you are getting the crafted design and decision making that only years of experience can bring.

"If you have come looking for something cheap, you’re looking in the wrong place. We don’t do cheap. And we aren’t even sorry about it."

We design and build stunningly beautiful, and highly functional websites. We take the time and effort to understand your company and tell its story through the most effective means possible. We stand by our clients and not just our work.

We don't do mediocre because you deserve better.

But we suspect you know that because you are here reading this page. You, my friend, are awesome and exactly the type of person we want to work with. You have the guts to do what it takes to stand out, to be the head and not the tail.

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5 Reasons Not to Work With Us

  • Sorry, we're not that type of girl.

  • We suggest you invest in a Xerox machine.

  • There are sites for that. You know the ones.

  • We suggest you watch "Let's Make A Deal!"

  • Please see #2 on this list.

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