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Social media in just a few years has evolved into an efficient and popular instrument to reach and better understand a company’s audience. But of course, in being such a large and recent disruptor of modern day marketing, it is still often misunderstood in the business world. Being proficient in social media does not mean those skills are effective when it comes to using social media to for your business. Social media for business use has to be organized and goal oriented. Every post must be consistent with each platform’s individual mission. To know why you are using social media is key but to know your company’s different uses of each platform is even more essential. For example, a company’s Facebook might want to be used for paid advertising, while LinkedIn is used to attract new employees. Twitter might want to be used to engage the press while Instagram is where you want to focus on building brand recognition. Who you are trying to reach on each platform and the different social media tools to reach those people are also just as important. Creating a page does not magically translate into thousands of followers and posting content does not automatically drive website traffic. You need to feed your audience with appropriate content that aligns with your strategy. Knowing what to post, when to post and where to post comes from developing a tactical plan, a disciplined process, audience knowledge, and the use of the right channels. Strategy and execution will not only create an audience that likes your content but will appeal to your audience to respond and share your content. Sharing with a purpose will help grow your influence that supports your marketing goals and overall business objectives.

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