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  • We’ll handle your social media activities, so you can focus better on core areas of your business
  • We’ll update your social media pages with share-worthy, latest, and engaging stuff
  • We’ll put your business in the spotlight-attracting more of a fan base and improving sales conversion ratio

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We Strategize Your Journey from Social to Sales.

Attract, connect and convert prospects into customers by unlocking the power of social media with us.

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    Pull Customers

    With a powerful social media presence, you are bound to get targeted traffic to your website and converting them into customers.

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    Market Effectively

    Use the power of social media advertising to reach out to targeted audience.

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    Churn Profits

    78 percent of the US population has a social media profile that makes it one of the most effective mediums to advertise, sell and roll profits.


Social Media is a Numbers Game. Our Experts Can Tap it For You.

Our social media management specialists in Midland and Odessa, TX can help you start rolling your social media account numbers in the fastest time on all popular and leading platforms. Here’s how:


Targeted Focus

We manage your social media presence giving you plenty of time to focus on other important business areas.

Take Control

We put you in control giving you the power to oversee the activities, review and publish posts as you like.

M & M

We manage and monitor your social media campaigns; and then use that information to improve the content and campaigns for better results.

Redefining Success

We keep your social media pages updated and ensure their stickiness by posting engaging content for fans and followers compelling them to take the desired call to action.

Increase Business Credibility

We create a strong social media presence for you helping you establish a greater level of trust

Keep it Happening

We never stop creating buzz about your business. We like to keep your social media pages happening making sure that your audience is hooked to your business like loyal customers.

Our SMM Process

Step 1
You Talk. We Listen.

Our social media management strategists sit with you to learn about your business. This helps us create a well-rounded SMM plan with a mix of strategies that are aligned with your business goals.

Step 2
Attracting Targeted Traffic

We’ll design series of strategic Facebook ads and campaigns that gets your business noticed and attract targeted traffic.

Step 3
Choose from Our Creative, Engaging and Share Worthy Content

We provide you with original creative and engaging content like business news, and special offers and you get to edit them. Once selected, we’ll post them for you.

Step 4
Track, Review, and Grow

We believe that to achieve sustainable success and growth tracking performance and learning from it is vital. This helps in focusing on strategies that work best and identifying loopholes.

Create Custom Content

Whether you want to create your own business Vimeo channel, blog or a YouTube channel, we can help you with them all. We can provide you with high quality and SEO optimized content written by our ghost writers and transfer you the copyrights. We also provide video production HD format for use on all social media channels.

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Per Month
  • 2 Weekly Posts on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Boosted Posts on Facebook
  • Ongoing Facebook Page Promotion
  • Free Page Updates



Per Month
  • 2 Weekly Posts on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Boosted Posts on Facebook
  • Ongoing Facebook Page Promotion
  • Free Page Updates



Per Month
  • 4 Weekly Posts on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Boosted Posts on Facebook
  • Ongoing Facebook Page Promotion
  • Free Page Updates

Frequently Asked Questions

The SMM team of Creative Marketing Nerds will manage your entire campaign and every aspect of it.
It depends on the number of weekly post. Our team will create content and schedule for publishing it on behalf of you. But you have full control over it. You can monitor and review the post and even publish them on your own using the social post manager.
Before we create or post any content, our team will first discuss content needs with you and your brand goals. We’ll create content according to that guideline. You can review the content through social media manager before it is posted.
Yes most certainly. We can incorporate your promotions in the content.
No. We will only manage your social media channels. You’ll have to answer queries and concerns of your customers on your own. However, we can give you advice on handling negative feedback.
You can if you want to. However, if you work with us, we can handle your SMM giving you plenty of time to focus on areas that matter most to your business.
Indeed by creating a strong social media presence you’ll be able to attract, engage and convert fans and followers into loyal customers in the fastest time.

Use the power of social media to grow your business.
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