Six Tips to Crafting a Killer LinkedIn Profile

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Forbes recently rated LinkedIn as the number one social resource for job seekers and hiring managers, and for good reason. This massively popular social media outlet has attracted countless professionals and organizations all over the globe. It can help you land the perfect job for your unique set of skills, but creating an attractive profile is no easy task. Make yours the best it can be with these six tips.

Identify Your Message
Before doing anything, you should identify what message you want to get across. Take the time to figure this out and write it down. List all of your skills, experience, and volunteer work as well. Make sure you have your work history and past dates of employment ready as well.

Careful how you present yourself, don’t stick your foot in your mouth!

Make Your Summary Count
Your summary is the first thing that potential employers see, and your key to making a lasting impression. This is where most of your time should be spent. Take advantage of all 2,000 characters if possible. Start by creating an outline. This way, you can easily build upon it later in the writing process.

Tell a Story
Everyone loves a good story. You can show off your creative side and make your profile more memorable by starting your summary with an exciting story about how you found your calling in your current career path or how you have made a difference with the work that you do.

Break It Up
No one likes to read a large block of text, which is why it is essential to incorporate subheadings and paragraphs. This will make your profile look more professional and interesting, which will improve the likelihood of employers actually reading it.

Incorporate Visuals
Visuals go hand in hand with text. By including graphics such as professional events that you participated in or awards that you have received you can keep your profile interesting and engaging. Profiles with relevant graphics are much more attractive than those with plain-text only.

Use Taglines
Taglines are an excellent tool for LinkedIn profiles. Writing them can be challenging though. While coming up with a tagline, make sure to keep it short and straight to the point. Use actionable words or phrases to attract interest. For example, “Creative Marketer” is not as effective as “Unconventional Branding Specialist” or “Award-Winning Corporate Identity Designer”.

Your LinkedIn account can be a useful tool for connecting with other professionals and employers. It can enhance your job search significantly if you take the time to craft a winning-profile. Use these tips to help you get started.

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