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Join our family: looking for small to medium sized businesses, who fancy themselves fun

We’re a tech savvy, profitable agency out of West Texas. Our full suite of digital marketing services is cutting edge and we pride ourselves on our website design and functionality and the ability to find the latest and greatest software to implement inbound marketing as a profitable strategy. We’re marketers, deeper thinkers, problem solvers and, oh yeah, we’re pretty fun too. And, we’re good at what we do; the vast majority of our business comes from referrals and repeat clients.

Check out our work to see some of the local businesses that have already established their unique online presence with a little ingenuity and creativity from yours truly.

But now we’re looking to take on more clients

Creating our fantasy team, one client at a time.

That’s where you come in

To start, we’ll be taking on 6–10 small to medium sized businesses. You’ll join our retainer services, which currently includes clients in the safety and real estate industries.

Here’s what we specialize in: content creation, inbound marketing, websites (we do everything!) and branding. What does that mean? The art of marketing is turning inbound, which includes blogging, social media management, search engine optimization (or more commonly called SEO—and if you don’t know what that REALLY means, that’s OK, that’s what we’re here for), email marketing and content.

Here’s what we’re learning: people don’t like to be sold to. More and more, they’re turning to their phones and computers to search what they need. That’s where you need to be—you need to show up when people are searching the services and products you offer. Otherwise, you’re limiting your own growth potential. To show up in search, you need a few things: a kick-ass website, original content and a social media presence.

Your business is what we’re looking for if:

  • You’re looking to try something new. Have you been marketing in local magazines or using billboards or commercials but you’re still not seeing the results you want? We want to talk to you.
  • Your marketing budget is greater than or equal to $1,500/month (at least). Digital marketing is significantly cheaper than traditional advertising but it still comes with a price tag. If you’re ready to invest and grow your business, we’re here to help. (We have a variety of packages available and we’ll work within your budget to get you to where you want to be.)
  • You’re fed up with gimmicky sales messages. (We are too, and there’s a better way to market your business—trust us.)
  • You have a rockin’ business that needs a boost. We’re a creative lot looking to help you get over your “writer’s block,” so to speak. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut, we want to power your business into the digital world with our technical expertise and creative aptitude.

More about how we work:

  • We’re not your traditional agency—we loosen up our ties, roll up our sleeves and wear our hair kind of messy (but really, we do).
  • We love Mad Men, David Ogilvy and vintage ads. (We believe if David Ogilvy were still alive, and Don Draper was real, they’d be inbound marketing geniuses.)
  • Caffeine runs through our veins (you’ll notice on our Facebook that our hours are 9:06am to 5:31pm—the extra six minutes are for our coffee stop), we strive to be unique, we love being creative and we enjoy developing cutting edge marketing solutions for our clients.
  • We believe the best way to kick off a marketing partnership is a brainstorm. An agency arrangement is only as efficient as the knowledge sharing that exists. If you have a eureka moment late at night, we want to know about it! (Don’t worry, we have them all the time and you’ll definitely be hearing about them.)

To contact us:

  • Have your marketing plan ready. What goals do you have for your business? What marketing are you currently doing? The more prepared you come for the conversation, the more help we’ll be able to be.
  • Have a budget. Only you know how much your business can invest in marketing—have that figure in mind before you contact us (or any agency for that matter).
  • Use our contact form. Your subject line should include something like: “A busy business interested in nouveau marketing.” We’ll be on the lookout for your email!

We can’t wait to talk marketing with you! Also, if you’re not interested in digital marketing (and read all of this just because), but know a business that is, please pass our open call along!

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