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It seems like anyone can build and publish a website nowadays. Companies like Weebly, Wix, WordPress and Concrete5 have worked very hard to develop drag-and-drop software that enables those with no web developing experience to publish a site in a matter of hours… even minutes. Now, there’s a difference between a great website that takes user experience and functionality into account and a website that is simply thrown together for the sake of throwing together a website and saving money.

But, building and publishing a website is just a small piece of the puzzle. If potential customers can’t find your site when they search for your services, product and/or company then it doesn’t really matter if you paid a professional $20k or you built and launched your site for free on

At Creative Marketing Nerds we have broken down the online marketing process into three steps:

  • Build a presence.
  • Get found.
  • Drive Traffic.

Building a presence consists of your website and social media profiles. Getting found means having a strong SEO strategy and driving traffic is all about generating content that will be used to send visitors to your website. Most people can launch a site and setup their social media profiles with relative ease, but when it comes to SEO and a solid strategy to drive traffic to their sites that’s when they throw their hands up in frustration.

If you’re having trouble getting the search results you deserve or need help driving traffic to your site we can help. Check out our SEO video explainer below and don’t hesitate to contact us at 432.363-4235 if you have any questions.

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