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Marketing vs. Advertising: Is There Any Difference Between The Two?

Many people consider marketing and advertising to be synonymous and use the two words
interchangeably to describe a process of promoting products or services, but the truth is that there are huge differences between the two techniques.

If you always considered advertising to be a component of marketing or vice versa, read on to know how one differentiates from the other. Let’s begin with definitions.

Marketing is the process of creating, communicating, and delivering an offer that’s valuable to your targeted customers. Advertising, on the other hand, is the process of calling the attention of your prospects to an offer.

Still very confusing, right? Let’s dig deeper.

Advertising is product-focused. It’s impersonal, often unsolicited.

Marketing, on the contrary, is based on the needs and preferences of the customer.

Consider the following example:

GoFit is an online retailer that sells fitness equipment, clothing, and supplements. The company has recently introduced a new line of sportswear. To promote the new products, GoFit utilized the following two techniques:

1. It hired sports stars as its brand ambassadors who will share their workout pictures and videos
wearing GoFit clothing, as well as mention @GoFit socially as much as possible.

2. GoFit spent some money on paid advertisements, so that when users search for ‘sportswear’ or ‘fitness clothing’, the search engine will show GoFit as a sponsored ad on the top.

In this scenario, hiring brand ambassadors to promote your brand is an example of marketing. On the other hand, sponsored ads are an advertising technique.

Which one do you think will sound more compelling to GoFit’s target audience?

Well, each of the two has its own benefits. Paid advertisements will spread the word about your
new products to prospects who are actively looking to buy sportswear. On the other, marketing is a more subtle yet more effective way of promoting your products/services. It sounds less pushy and more compelling.

So, if you have set up an entrepreneurial startup or have expanded your product portfolio, a smart way to promote your products or services is to use a combination of different marketing and advertising techniques.

Use social media marketing to build your presence on various social platforms, content marketing to improve your website’s search engine rankings, and paid advertisements to reach prospects who hold a high conversion potential.

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