How to Increase Your Social Media Presence by Keeping it Simple

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Various forms of social media have cropped up since 2005 including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Flickr, Pinterest, and Instagram. The hot topic of social media comes with authorities who are always sharing their thoughts on building your social media presence. One of the experts, Eric V. Holtzclaw, posted a piece called “12 Essential Tips to Get Social Media Traction.” Here are five of his tips that you can implement right now without compromising your ideals.

1. “Share something personal.” Posting your personal experiences helps you to be more relatable. Your readers will identify with you and be more inclined to like, comment, and share your content. For example, a photo of your rescue dog on the front porch accompanied by his story will probably get more attention than a picture of a generic beach from the Internet. Social media is built on personal stories.

2. “Ask for advice.” Soliciting recommendations, suggestions, or opinions can help you to start interacting with people you haven’t talked with before, and it can kick off some authentic conversations. It’s great to post “how to” blogs that you know will be helpful to your audience. However, humbly asking your readers how they deal with unruly six-year-olds will certainly provoke more genuine discussion and problem solving.

3. “Don’t focus on feedback.” While they may not comment on your article initially, people may later tell you in person that they found your social media post useful. If people that you know in real life don’t comment on your content online, that’s okay. Post valuable content consistently and you will eventually see results.

4. “Be helpful.” Share content that is useful to you, because it may also help your audience. If you read an article about medicinal versus culinary uses for various herbs, feel free to post the link along with your opinions or experiences. You never know who is reading.

5. “Encourage sharing.” This is probably the simplest tip to execute via social media. All you have to say at the end of your post is, “If you like what you see, please share this post.” You’ll be surprised how this simple request translates to more page views.

As you post your Facebook status, tweet on Twitter, and share photos on other online platforms, you can execute these five tips today. If you are personable, ask genuine questions, and consistently make your content valuable, you will easily gain traction with your social media without sacrificing your personal values.

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