How To Use OBS To Go Live

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What Is OBS?

OBS, also known as Open Broadcast Software is an open-source platform that was first released in the fall of 2012. OBS is used for live streaming and recording. OBS is notorious with the gaming community, more specifically with Twitch gamers.


The problem with streaming straight from Facebook or Youtube is that you are stuck with what you got, which is just one screen and one image. We can all agree that a live stream with multiple windows, images, and guests is a lot more impressive. With OBS you can do that. With OBS you can easily share your screen, invite online guests, play a video midstream, display images, add titles and captions, add screen filters, use multiple microphones and a whole lot more.

How To Go Live With OBS

  1. How To Download
  2. Find Your Streaming Key
  3. Link Your Steaming Key
  4. Audio
  5. Select Your Sources
  6. Go Live!

1. How To Download

Before going any further make sure the computer you plan on using is capable of live streaming. Generally, older computers have trouble or are not able to stream at all. Next, simply visit the OBS website and select which type of computer you have. OBS is compatible with Mac, Windows and Linux.

2. Find Your Streaming Key

After downloading, in order to stream on Facebook or Youtube, you will need to find your stream key.

For Facebook, on your business page, click on Publishing Tools as depicted below.


Next, under Videos, select Video Library


Then click the +Live button in the Video Library section.


Locate your Stream key on the right side of the screen and copy it.


To find your stream key on Youtube, you need to first verify your account. If you have not done this then go to the verification page and verify your account.

After submitting your verification it will take 24 hours before you can go live on Youtube.


Once the verification process is complete then go to your Studio Dashboard and click on the red camera located in the top right part of your screen.

Underneath Create select Go live.


You will then click Stream and select the appropriate options to fill out the form. When finished select Create Stream at the bottom of the form.


The next screen will display your streaming key. Copy it. Also as a note, do not let anybody see your Facebook or Youtube Stream key as this will give anyone access to go live on your account.


3. Link Your Streaming Key

Go into OBS and at the bottom right of your screen you will see a Settings option. Select it.


Choose your streaming service from the drop-down menu. For Youtube select Youtube/YouTube Gaming. OBS will then automatically select the server you see below and then all you need to do is select paste your stream key.

For Facebook select Facebook Live from the first drop-down menu. OBS will fill in the server for you and then you will need to paste your streaming key.

Click Ok and Apply


4. Audio

To setup your audio, click Audio on the sidebar menu. If you want your audience to hear you, select your microphone from the drop-down menu next to Mix/Auxiliary Audio. If you are live streaming a game and you want your audience to hear the game sounds then make sure Desktop Audio is set to default.

5. Select Your Sources

Now that everything is set up. It is time to prepare for your first stream. There are tools that OBS offers that allow you to do almost anything your imagination can think of. However, right now we will get started with the basics. Below I will show you how to set up the ability to use your webcam, to screen share your entire screen and how to screen share a website of your choosing.


First look to the bottom left of your screen. Click on the + button under sources.


A window will pop up with a number of options. Remember we are looking to use our webcam so we will select Video Capture Device.


Another window will pop up. You can rename the selected text to whatever you would like and then press ok.


You may edit the following to fit your requirements but you do not need to. Press Ok again.


Make sure your webcam is uncovered. Allow the OBS a few moments to get access and open the webcam by itself. The live picture should display automatically within about 30 seconds. If it does not simply right-click Video Capture Device in the sources section, Remove it and start this process over. The first time I did this it took at least 30 seconds for the picture to appear. After removing the source and trying again the picture appeared quickly after I clicked Ok. So have a bit of patience.

Use the little red squares to drag and resize the box to your desired size.



With OBS you are able to add multiple sources at once. So keep your webcam source and go back to the sources tab and click + to add another source. Proceed to select the Browser option form the menu.


You may change the selected text and then press ok.


When you arrive at this window, change the URL to the website you wish to display. Press ok.


OBS will then load the website you chose into another box. In order to navigate within the website you chose. Right-click on the box and select interact.


Another larger box will open and you will now be able to scroll and fully interact with the website you chose. When finished click the X to exit.

Screen Record

In order to share your entire screen go back to the source tab and add another source. This time select Display Capture from the menu.


Rename the source if you would like and then press ok.


Confirm the display you want to record. If you have a multiple screen set up then this is important. Also, uncheck the Capture Cursor box if you do not want the screen share to include the mouse. Press Ok.

6. Go Live!

Scale down the window to a size you would like.

Now that everything is set up, it is time to go live!

When you are ready, look towards the bottom right of the screen and click on Start Recording!



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