How To Use Microsoft Teams (Skype For Business)

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What Is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams has replaced Skype For Business. Microsoft Teams is a collaboration platform complete with virtual meetings, document sharing, and many more helpful tools for business use.

With Microsoft teams you can:

  • Create Teams and channels
  •  Chat with Groups or individuals
  • Store Documents with Sharepoint
  • Video Call and Screen Share
  • Schedule and Host Online Meetings
  • Audio Conferencing
  • Full Telephony

How To Use Microsoft Teams

  1. Sign In
  2. Download
  3. Add Contacts
  4. Communication Channels

1. Sign In

First, you need to sign in to your Microsoft account here. If you don’t already have one just enter the email you would like to use and it will prompt you to sign up for free.

2. Download

Once you are signed in or signed up, Microsoft will bring you to a screen giving you the choice to download the app or to just use the website. For this example, we will download the app.

Some Windows computers already have the Microsoft Team’s app already pre-downloaded on the computer. If so click on Launch it now. If not click on the Download button.


3. Follow the prompts and click on the downloaded file to install the app.

3. Add Contacts

Sign in to the app. After you do the rest of the application will open up and you will be brought this dashboard.


To make your first video call you must first have somebody to call. To add a contact click on Add more people.


A window will pop up. If you have contacts simply start typing their name. If not you can invite people by typing their email address in the same field. You will have the option to add them as a team member or just a guest.


4. Communication Channels

Now that you have a contact you can call them. On the left part of the screen click on the Chat option.


When looking within the Chat tab, look near the top of the screen and click the New Chat Icon circled in red.


Start typing the contact you just added and select the contact when it appears.


Now that you have the chat open look to the top right of your screen. Click on the Video Icon to make your first video call.


How much Does Microsoft Teams Cost?

There is a free version that you can download within minutes. With the free version you are still able to chat, audio call, video call and share your screen. However, there are limitations on storage, the number of participants on a call and the ability to schedule meetings. There are three other paid packages that run from five dollars per user per month to 20 dollars per user per month. Visit Microsoft’s website for an in-depth comparison.

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