How To Use Facebook Live

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What Is Facebook Live?

Facebook Live is a feature on Facebook that allows users to broadcast live to their audience. A user who goes live is able to go live in front of all of their friends, a selected amount of friends and even selected groups. Users can take advantage of Facebook live by engaging in real time with their audience and bring further exposure to their page. Facebook introduced Facebook Live in 2016. Doing so has created a simple but fun way to communicate, share events and nurture relationships.


How To Use Facebook Live

1.Download The App
2.Locate The Live Icon
4.Set Up
5.Go Live
6.End Stream

1. Download The App 

First, if you have not already, you must download the Facebook app that is available for IOS and Android.



2. Locate The Live Icon

When looking at your Facebook home page, you will see the option to go live under the status update bar. as depicted in the screenshot below. Sometimes the Facebook Live Icon will not be displayed as it is in the description.

On occasion it is a little harder to find. If it does not appear here then click on the status bar as if you were about to write a new post. A number of features will apear in a list towards the bottom of the posting screen. Scroll down on this list until you see the Live Icon.

Click on Live.



3. Permissions

Give access to your camera and microphone if Facebook prompts you to do so. If you do not then you will not be able to go live or use a number of other features on Facebook.



4. Set Up

You will then be brought to a screen where you can set up your live stream. You will have access to a number of options.

  • To display your front or rear camera click on the camera icon in the top left corner.
  • To turn on the flash look to the right of the camera icon.
  • Directly below these two icons, you are able to click on the drop-down arrow to change who can see this live stream.
  • The 3 dots in the top right corner will allow you to add a donate button as well as turn notifications to keep your live stream from being disturbed.
  • The plus button and the magic wand button on opposite sides of the Start Live Button will allow you to add a variety of filters.
  • You are also able to add a description.

When you are ready click on Start Live Video.



5. Go Live

Once you are live you will still have a number of controls at the bottom of your screen.

Starting from the left;

  • You will be able to add filters
  • Switch between your front and rear camera
  • Turn on your flash
  • Reply to comments as they come in.

Then when your live stream has ended click Finish. 

As a note, remember to engage with your viewers. Speaking directly to other users, liking their comments, or simply acknowledging their comments will stimulate viewers and keep them watching longer. You will be able to see comments live on the bottom of your screen



6. End Stream

When finished Facebook will bring you to a screen where you can decide to post the stream on to your feed or not. If you decide to your live to your feed the double check to make sure the post is public. Also make sure to check mark the two options below.

Then click Share.


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