How To Use Be.Live To Go Live On Youtube and Facebook

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What is Be.Live?

Be.Live is not its own streaming platform. Be.Live is a streaming software that enables you to enhance your experience going live on platforms like Facebook and Youtube. Be.Live simply gives a user the tools to customize and transform a bare screen into a powerful and engaging broadcast. Be.Live has tools that allow professionals to further engage their audience and add capabilities that would not be possible by just going live without this software.

How To Use Be.Live

1. Sign Up
2. Permissions
3. Connect Your Camera
4. Select Your Streaming Channel
5. Go Live

1. Sign Up

You do not need to download anything in order to use Be.Live. One of the great aspects about this software is that it’s available to you within your browser. Most other live streaming softwares require you to download files and go through the installation process. However, with Be. Live that process can be skipped. To get started with Be.Live visit their website to view their pricing plans and you can even get started for free.


Once you have picked a plan you will be brought to this screen.

To go live with Youtube sign in with Youtube.

You can always add Facebook as an option to go live later.

2. Permissions

Allow Be.Live to access your account.


3. Connect Your Camera

 You will be brought to the dashboard of your account. To connect your webcam you can either click on the camera icon in the menu on the left or you can click the orange button in the middle of your screen.


Allow Be.Live to use your camera. After clicking Allow, another window will pop up asking for permission to use your microphone. Allow it as well.

Then at the bottom of your screen, select the Show In-Stream button.


4. Select Your Streaming Channel

Next, hover your mouse over Stream Title in the top left corner. A drop-down arrow will appear. Click to display the Stream Settings menu.

You can then select the drop-down arrow next to Youtube in order to change the platform you wish to stream on.

You may also give your stream a name and a description. You will also be able to select whether you would like your steam to be public, private or unlisted.

When finished press Save.

5. Go Live

When you are ready, press Start in the top left corner in order to go live.

After clicking, Be.Live will ask you again if you are sure you are ready to start so do not worry about accidentally clicking it.

If you are looking to make your live broadcasts stand out, engaging, and professional then Be.Live may be right for you. Be.Live has many tools to get creative with branding, with displaying content, and hosting guests. Be.Live, even with all it’s features has been able to keep it simple and easy to use. Be.Live is an all in one, streamlined platform to bring your live streams to the next level to engage and to give your audience a quality experience.


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