How To Set Up GoToMeeting

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What is GoToMeeting?

GoToMeeting just like it’s competitors has a lot of useful video conferencing features such as chat, meeting scheduling, instant meeting, and meeting transcription services. GoToMeeting looks to transform online events into interactive experiences you and your attendees can look forward to. GoToMeeting is a much-needed communication experience as these social distancing efforts are prolonged.

GoToMeeting offers cloud recording, integration with Siri and has a mobile app, allowing users to attend your next meeting on the go. They have also built in an Outlook plugin that allows you to schedule and attend meetings through your Outlook calendar.

How To Schedule A Meeting With GoToMeeting.

  1. Sign Up
  2. Download The App
  3. Schedule A Meeting
  4. Invite

1. Sign Up

You can start using GoToMeeting for free by signing up for a free trial. After signing up you will be taken to the home page. First, we need to download the app because that is the only way to join a meeting. After I show you how to download the app then I will show you how to schedule a meeting.

2. Download The App

In order to start meeting with people you need to first download the application. However, I was not able to find a way to only download the app. The only way to do so at this current time is to start a meeting right now. This will not be a real meeting with anyone else but doing this will allow you to download the app.

Click on Rooms and then right below, select Meet Now.


A small window in the middle of the screen will appear.

Click the Start button.


You will be taken to a screen with a Download Button. Click it.


Look towards the bottom left of your screen. After the file downloads find it and open it.


After opening the file, the app will install itself. It will then bring you to a window to set up your audio preferences. The quickest set up will just to use the computer’s speakers and microphones so select the option on the left.

Click Save And Continue.


Press Save And Continue.


Remember we created a meeting just to be able to download the app. This meeting is only a meeting with yourself. When you join there will be no one else in the meeting. However, the screen below is exactly how the screen will look before you join a real meeting. Just so you know, you are able to join the meeting with your mic and camera on or off.

Click Ok, I’m Ready.


This is what an actual meeting would look like. Your image will be in the top left corner and you will have a set of controls at the bottom of the window. You are able to turn your mic and camera on or off at any moment. Clicking on the screen icon will allow you to share your screen. And the last button on the right will allow you to hang up. When you are ready, end the meeting by clicking on the Leave The Meeting icon.


3. Schedule A Meeting

Now that the app is downloaded we can now schedule a meeting. Go back to your account’s home page. This time, in order to schedule a meeting, click on Create Meeting.


A window will appear giving you options to set up your meeting. Name your meeting and schedule when you want your meeting to take place. You are also able to tab over to the additional settings to make any changes you see fit. When finished click Save.


4. Invite

When you arrive at this screen you will be able to view the meeting details. In order to invite others to the meeting, click Copy Invitation and send it to whoever you would like. When it is time you are also able to Start the meeting from this page as well as Delete it. You can even edit the meeting details if you need to.


How Much Does GoToMeeting Cost?

GoToMeeting has three plans; the Professional package, the Business package, and the Enterprise Package.

All packages come with HD video, screen sharing, unlimited meetings, unlimited meeting time, business messaging and a personal meeting room. The Business package separates from the Professional plan with the ability to have C0-Organizers, unlimited cloud recording, transcription capabilities, smart assistant, built-in note-taking, and keyboard and mouse sharing. The Enterprise’s package includes a customer success manager, on-boarding and training and volume discounts. The amount of participants allowed is also increased to 3,000.

You can gain access to GoToMeeting by clicking here, selecting a plan and following the checkout process.

The Pros and Cons of GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting has many functional features making it an attractive choice. If someone in a meeting is falling behind and having trouble with the meeting GoToMeeting allows another user to take control of their screen to help show and guide them along. GoToMeeting also allows the sharing of documents during a meeting while allowing up to 150 participants in just the basic “Professional” plan. Meetings are also recorded, allowing for more flexibility. The numerous integrations make it a competitive choice.

However, greatness always comes with weaknesses and GoToMeeting is no exception. In order for GoToMeeting to work you must have a perfect internet connection. If there is a gap in your internet connection for even just a moment it will force you to restart the meetings. Also if you are using an old phone or a computer that is more than 5 years old then GoToMeeting will most likely not be usable until you upgrade. Lastly and most importantly GoToMeeting is a bit more costly than competitors like Microsoft Teams and Google Hangouts. GoToMeeting constantly changes there prices but even their basic package is more or just as costly other’s premier packages.


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